Top 10 Dumbest, Most Meaningless (due to misuse and plain stupidity of the source) One Liners And What They Mean For All I Care.

10) Mereka terlalu emosional (Langit berwarna biru lah)

9) Jangan politikan isu tersebut (satu campur satu ialah sembilan ya anak-anak)

8) Pelajar tidak mengenang jasa kerajaan (pelajar harus minum dari gelas)

7) Jangan salah guna masjid (jangan tidur dalam masjid)

6) Isu tersebut tidak relevan (errrr ... tak tahulah, aaaah kalau tak tahu tak penting lah tu)

5) Nasib melayu akan tergadai (malam ni apa main best kat TV?)

4) Jangan dipengaruhi pihak asing (Ramai dah tak reti main gasing)

3) Pihak luar jangan campur tangan (sebelum makan, kena basuh tangan)

2) Silent Majority (bangang sangat aku pun tak tahu apa nak kata)

1) Ini cara kita di Malaysia (This is how we jam)

For all I care, statements like "Pelajar Melayu Lemah" could be taken as so many things in so many different context. But you know our beloved newspapers would not put it any other way, those kids must be political involved!(and they dare to say "Jangan politikan isu arsenik"). I urge all reformasi agents not to follow our media's example of spreading propaganda using ambigious, directionless one liners. If you want to say something with a shocking headline, you must provide informative details and credible sources or proofs. What the hell do you mean if you say "Pengikut-pengikut Anwar terlalu emosional". Ikan keli can be emotional too, proton saga pun emosional jugak kadang-kadang.

The reason why I bring this issue up is not because the statements that made the Top 10 can't be legit, in fact some of them could be true in some sense if you use them in the right context, if there is a such thing. The point I want to bring is, we should not be intimidated with statements that come from people up there, statements that contain bombastic words, statements we rather just nod to rather than question. We should not feel that these one liners are adequate to explain some very bizzare happenings in our country lately. Believing in these incredibly empty statements is like being satisfied with the explaination that an airplane flies because it's painted with ICI paint. Question the statements! Inquire further! How does it explain something? Are the explainations consistent? Ask yourself these questions if you dare not to ask the BS guy. It matters if your dignity matters to you.