Conversation With The Gutless

Gutless : Anwar deserves the sentence, this not an issue of political

          conspiracy, but an issue of corruption

YesMan  : This is an issue of corruption, that is why only bad people

          go to prison and the good guys should keep their cabinet 

          post right?

Gutless : Don't get me wrong, the government has its fault too.

YesMan  : Yeah, sure but it's much harder to critise the powerful.

Gutless : ...I mean, what did Anwar do when he was in the government?

          If the government is so corrupt why didn't he do anything

          about it all these years? I didn't hear him complaining then.

YesMan  : Yeah, Anwar didn't do anything and he didn't speak out 

          against corruption.  That is why the cabinet members don't 

          like him, he's too obidient.  The only reason why other

          government officials are kept is because the speak out

          againts corruption and they absolutely hate nepotism.

Gutless : Are you mocking me now?  Why only after all this has 

          happened that Anwar is making a fuss?  He just wants to

          be the Prime Minister.

YesMan  : Exactly!  Ironic isn't it, one second "Anwar didn't do 

          anything" and now Anwar did too much for his own good.

          By the way, if Anwar couldn't change the system when he

          was the deputy Prime Minister, why are you complaining

          about his silence when he was the Agriculture Minister?

          He was the second most powerful man in Malaysia and still

          they did this to him, now isn't it too much of an expectation

          for him to reform the government when he was still small

          time Menteri Pertanian?

Gutless : Why are you calling me gutless?

YesMan  : There are real scared Malaysians who don't know what to

          think of this situation.  But, that's only normal and

          understandable since we don't have a history of large

          scale national socio political turmoil.  However, there

          are many of us who just don't bother to think or are

          too afraid to think.  The easiest way out of this moral 

          and mind dilema is too make excuses and conform to what

          seems to be a more dominant force, which not necessarily

          be correct.  Hence, the gutless comes out with so many 

          excuses so they won't have to face the burden of making

          decisions.  The strategy is to block any other arguments

          that could make you think beyond normal conformity and

          create excuses to wrong the weaker side

Gutless : You just want people to go out on the streets and 

          demonstrate.  Are demonstrators are the only brave and

          heroic people?

YesMan  : No, demonstrating is only one form of bravery.  What we

          should work on is people like you...being brave in 

          the Malay mind framework most importantly mean that we

          should be brave enough to think independently and 

          objectively without the any social conformity pressure.

          Just being able to see the injustice being done in our

          country is already a big form of know, not

          many people are willing to admit to themselves that

          something is wrong with this country.

Gutless : You are just plain must be being paid by

          some foreign government

YesMan  : Yes, I am...I am also under the payroll of the Government

          of Mars and Neptune         

Gutless : I'm a Malay man, you know better than to call a Malay

          guy gutless!

YesMan  : Yeah, so typical...I am Malay man too, I know what it's

          like being macho and brave in front of the weak and being

          chicken in face of the powerful.  In fact, sometimes my ego

          gets so challenge, I would straight out blame the weak

          instead of confronting the real source of the problem. My

          SB police and FRU brothers menifest this true macho attitude

          ...beat them till they can't walk because they can't fight

          back, a true macho malay guy.  

          You have to excuse me, I have to go.  You should go play with

          kids your own age in mentality like the Hishamudin Hussiens 

          and the UMNO youths.  I am sure you all would confirm each other's