Ignorance #7

Another National Malay Party Would Destroy Malay Unity

History of Malay political representation is not a healthy one. Without strong alternative views and political voice, we developed blindness to "other choices and ways" and also cultivated the culture of self congratulatory and consent. Without other checking voices, the people who hold malay power base support could do no wrong and lower ranking members of the ruling class serve only as amplifiers of support. The UMNO youth movement is a classic example of confirmation, propaganda and amplifier machinery for the government. At the grassroot level, thru confirming news media, people are conditioned to accept the actions of the goverment are always altruistic and good intentioned. The absence of real healthy check and balance culture within the malay political realm results in over dependence on our historical political base. This is the primary reason why the PKN's birth is greeted with skeptism and suspicion.