Malaysians have to realize the difference between politicians and leaders. A leader is someone who has vision, ambition and overall concern for the people he/she leads. Being elected to the parliament doesn't necessarily mean that one is a leader. In fact, often the case, politicians make really bad leaders or at best, a sufficient bereucrat who's job is nothing more than visiting victims of flooding (and pose glamourly in front of the camera while distributing aid), sign this and that contract and stroll around town with big Benz. And more often than not, the YBs lose touch with the common people who they are responsible for. Worse of all, we give them too much respect and put them on a padestal where they don't belong, walhal mereka lah yang patut berkhidmat kepada kita. We give them so much unappropriate respect that we seldom dare to give them suggestions what else correct them when they are wrong.