Najib says that students were paid to demonstrate!

Let's not even waste time commenting on Najib. Plain stupid statements like that can only be expected from the likes of him and the Hishamuddins. His ideas and his mere existence don't merit any intellectual discussion and mention.

However we must also take account the comment in some other sense-the subtle consequence of BUDAYA SUBSIDI with respect to the Malay mentality. We must be able to see that excuses such as "kena beli", "imbuhan wang", "subidized by foreign powers" and other such incentives that smells of corruption and under the table exchanges are very popular and reasonably acceptable in our society. And such rhetoric or accusations only survive on our daily life as an acknowledgement that corruption and funny business do exist around us. That is the first point; without readily accepting it, we as a society acknowledge that the governance of the country is not entirely clean. The other point that we should ponder upon is the result of the combination of Budaya Subsidi and the already confirmed corrupt practices.

As a result being used to spoon fed and also getting to the top through short cuts (e.g we know somebody up there who could help our loan application) we find it very hard to accept legit achievements by our fellow malays. Just because we are used to moaning and groaning, mengeluh, we actually really feel that we are suffering from the worst of fate and taking the hardest task... just ask malay students and businessmen. As a result we readily concede that the better students are just plain smart and we contend to be "biasa aje". Seldom we find ethics and hard work as another way to achieve succces and more rarely we can accomodate alternate ideas. Hence whenever we are confronted with our fellow malays who have different ideas about worldly success, clean and responsible governance, culture of excellence instead of mediocrity, it's very easy for us to accuse and believe these ideas to be foreign manipulated. Sad and embarassing, there are people out there who actually believe in Najib.