Main Entry: des·pot

Pronunciation: 'des-p&t, -"pät

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle French despote, from Greek despotEs master, lord, autocrat, from des- (akin to domos house) + -potEs (akin to posis husband); akin to Sanskrit dampati lord of the house -- more at DOME, POTENT

Date: 1585

1 a : a Byzantine emperor or prince b : a bishop or patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church c : an Italian hereditary prince or military leader during the Renaissance

2 a : a ruler with absolute power and authority b : a person exercising power tyrannically    

    Let's not even talk about Hitler and Milosevic.  A despot rule

    people in his own country with tyranny.  Those idiots go rule

    and destroy other countries, they are in a different category.

    Unfortunately many occurances of despots happen in developing

    countries.  Lets meet some of them:

       Nigeria - Sani Abacha 

       Republic of Congo - Mobutu Sese Seko  

       Cambodia - Pol Pot  

       Malaysia - The regime; the whole thing! of course there's

                  the head despot.  But, anybody in the position

                  of power and conciously oppress malaysians

                  should be held accountable.

                  There is no excuses of "I was under orders" and

                  that could only confirm them as gutless and

                  spineless cowards who could not be relied upon

                  should things change for the better.