Main Entry: 1ob·so·lete
Pronunciation: "äb-s&-'lEt, 'äb-s&-"
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin obsoletus, from past participle of obsolescere to 
grow old, become disused, perhaps from ob- toward + solEre to be 
Date: 1579
1 a : no longer in use or no longer useful b : of a kind or style no 
longer current : OLD-FASHIONED
2 of a plant or animal part : indistinct or imperfect as compared 
with a corresponding part in related organisms : VESTIGIAL
synonym see OLD
- ob·so·lete·ly adverb
- ob·so·lete·ness noun  

1) The real evidence of the old man getting obsolete, out of touch 
   with the common people in the street, is when he fast resorted
   to his old foreign interference rhetoric on ridiculous issues and
   in the same time foolishly undermine our intelligence.

2) Patriot dulu : 
    Why the fuss? The old fart has developed
    Malaysia and blah blah economic development blah blah...
    just feel lucky, don't be tak kenang budi onelah.
   Patriot sekarang: 
    Thank you for giving me the chance to use the word OBSOLETE
    on you and the old fart himself with one single argument.  
    First thing is first.  There is much difference between the
    status and state of mind of a developing nation and a 
    developed nation.  There is no doubt, the old man was a 
    good with a developing economy.  I'd hire him myself (with
    limited powers though)as a consultant to developing third
    world countries.  But, as the country shift from a third 
    world to developing and then developed status, we tend to
    forget that much efford is also needed in the social aspect
    of development(basic rights, morality, responsibiliy etc)
    The strain of material development on our social life 
    menifest itself in social problems such as bohsia, abandoned   
    babies, alcohol, free sex between malay youths and other ill  
    things. The fact is that we are on the verge of becoming
    a developed nation but our good "developing" leader is still
    on his developing mode, out of touch with the realities of
    the culture of a developed nation economies (clean and 
    transparent policy and free of cronyism)and developed 
    social aspects of it (civil society, free speech etc).    
    The fact that he is out of touch with the previously 
    stated aspects of a developed country doesn't
    automatically make him obsolete.
    But, with ferocious tenacity and some panic in trying to 
    preserve his legacy amidst economic chaos, he abandoned all 
    basic civil humanistic rules and sent Malaysia back 
    into the dark ages and that is why he is obsolete; no
    longer relevant not because we are ungrateful but 
    because his despotic, oppresive practices.
    Now, for the other "obsolete" matter-the attitude of 
    "terhutang budi" we should consider as lapuk (kinda the
    malay equivalent of obsolete). True that it is a 
    malay tradition that has its merits but modern malay
    man no longer can be trusted like in the old days.
    It is a culture that binds and oblige us to do things
    that might not be necessary and sometimes could be
    very unprofessional (that might run against work, social
    and muslim moral ethics).  We can't abolish the tradition
    because it is our identity but we have to reform its 
    definition and application as one of the first step in
    freeing ourself from apathy.