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This homepage is a product of personal discontent and burst of social conscience that most of us, ordinary Malaysians, feel since 2 September 1998. I won't bother decorating this homepage, but hopefully the message will still get through. The format of this web page is posters with statements. Hopefully I will not get into too much rhetoric, too many reformasi homepages are already doing that. I apologize for my scrappy and unproofread work.

Salam Reformasi dan keadilan. Harap maaf, webmaster tidak punya masa untuk menghias laman ini tetapi diharapkan pejuang-pejuang reformasi semua dapat menafaat dan menyumbang idea-idea bernas untuk kebaikan semua. Wassalam

    How can a country develop in the 1990s if there is not freedom of expression and discussion? Systems in many developing countries are characterised by oppression, injustice and intellectual inferiority. Saddam (Hussein)is an extreme case but most Muslim countries suffer the same fate: no freedom,no justice, no priority to economic development. Education is ranked far below military spending. In America, people are said to be excessively critical of their leaders and their society. I accept that. But the strength of the society comes from continuous intellectual debate, self-criticism, evaluation. This is very healthy. You need to have this in developing countries. In KL, Hongkong, Jakarta, Bangkok, etc., you have hundreds of thousands of graduates. There is no reason not to have a healthy intellectual atmosphere -Anwar Ibrahim

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